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www.jasonlorette.50megs.com - History 2001
This area will be dedicated to holding my past monthly posts on the Home page...instead of having my 'home' page grow to unreadable lengths...you can now go to the history page(s) and read up on my boring existence...or in my daily post's I can refer you to an event in the history page(s)...ENJOY!

The History or Story Behind My Site
Initially this site began as a learning tool for me to teach myself 'how' to actually do HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Then as my creation grew and more and more people started to look in regularily it became kind of fun...and sort of like a daily journal, in a very public sort of way. I hope that you enjoy some of my blathering's here and I hope that you check back frequently to see what new things I have learned to do!...And so begin's year one...

December 2001
12/24/01 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Merry Ho Ho! Hope the guys in the red suit finds you!!!!
12/23/01 Well, this is wierd...I'm updating from a different computer. Anyway, only two more days to get this crazy thing called Christmas over with! Anyway I should say that season's greeting thing but I am not in the mood...guess I'll do that on the 24th. Off to shop, spend the day working in a mall, then on my day off, I have to go there and shop...geezuz!!!
12/20/01 I think that Mother Nature is on speed...plus double digit temperatures until the middle of December. Then!...overnight it seems...the mercury dips almost 20 dergrees to the minus double digit temperatures! AND we get 10cm of snow the other day,and of course that meanting the bane of winter...SHOVELLING! Now!...they are saying that tonight we could get between 10-20cm more! Geezuz, throw it all at us at once! I have to get into my shop and tinker with a lawn mower and make an autommated plow...hmmm I wonder if you can put a snow plow on a Civic?
12/18/01 Well, it's almost over...7 more days and the insanity that is Christmas will be passed yet again...THANK GOD! Well, we finally got a skiff of snow that actually stuck around overnight. I guess it should be expected, it is Dec. 18/01 But as long as it falls in increments that I don't have to shovel...no problem. Oh and for all you whiners...'yes maybe we will have a white x-mas after all!' (That last statement said with a VAST amount of SARCASM!)...7 more days...only seven more days...
12/17/01 So, I was reading an article in the paper today by Gordon Kirkland and it seemed oh so appropriate with my whole x-mas frame of mind, I am paraphrasing ... 'Although Frosty The Snowman, Jingle Bells, and Rudolph have absolutely nothing to do, technically, with the Holiday Season...experiments with lab rats have shown that with excessive diets of said music that the rats become increasingly hostile and violent towards their neighbour's and it sometimes comes to blows and results in bloodshed!' I found this little anecdote somewhat amusing...but as I thought about it more and more (humming jingle bells to myself) I became increasingly anxious, irritated, and had the overwhelming urge to inflict pain. Hmmm, maybe the rat's are on to something!!
12/15/01 Well FINALLY! Saturday...the end of my work week and probably the busiest day in the week. Fortunately I am going to a buddy's house after work for some festivities and enjoy some adult 'beverages'. That brings me to the reason for the festive ocassion...

12/13/01 Hey gang! Not much to report today...I don't want to start ranting about x-mas again because we could be here until December 2002! I do want to point out the new page I added today..the "History Page" what this page is, is past post's from months gone by. Instead of letting the 'home' page get a hundred miles long I will send the post's there at the end of the month. That will keep you up to date on the newest info and info of the past! Check it out!
12/10/01 Monday? Did I blink? How the hell did Monday get here so fast? Oh well, guess I have to deal with it. One good thing...15 days and this crap/insanity that we call x-mas is over with! I really don't understand the facade that is the x-mas season, mind you there are a few people that actually do like this time of year, but they are few and far between. Most of us feel 'obligated' to participate in the whole visit the friends/family, do the dinner, buy the presents (the most insane portion) when in actuality we could do without all of it! Don't mind me for being too critical of this time of year because a) It is Monday. b)I am awake on Monday morning. c) It's Christmas and I work in a MALL! I swear to God, if I hear FA-LA-LA-LA-LA one more time someone is going to get hurt!
12/07/01 Well, it's official...I'm a year older! Dammit! Another thing that is official...people lose thier freakin' minds at x-mas...they go absolutely, totallly, completely 'wiggy'...and I work in a mall so I see them at their worst. People, CHILL! And for anyone that knows me that is saying something! I am usually the one wound tighter than the proverbial swiss watch, but compared to some of these fanatics I'm the calmest person on the planet!
12/05/01... THIS IS YOUR 1 DAY WARNING...LAST CHANCE...MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THURSDAY!!!!! (Dec. 6)So I will be expecting all sorts of gracious comments, toys, gratuities, toys, condolences, oh and did I mention... TOYS!! Got a b-day present update: Got cheque from my Dad last night in the mail, from my Grandmother in the mail, and my Aunt and Uncle got me a brand new set (11) of professional Mastercraft wrenches and a Craftsman 3-drawer steel mechanics toolbox. Yay ME!
12/04/01... THIS IS YOUR 2 DAY WARNING...MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THURSDAY!!!!! (Dec. 6)So I will be expecting all sorts of gracious comments, toys, gratuities, toys, condolences, oh and did I mention... TOYS!! Now that we have that out of the way...who is the moron that thought up the idea of 7-day shopping year round (unless your shopping for my birthday, then it's OK). Obviously this idiot never worked in 'retail'...god this is such a silly debate...I'm not going to rant too much because I would use up way to much bandwidth on the subject, but yet again city council is in debate of this topic...here's my vote...ummm NO! On to more pleasant things...for the first time in three months I don't have to work 12 hours today...Yay me! I'm off to have supper today with my Aunt+Uncle and they are bringing B-day presents...again..yay me! Ciao for now!
12/03/01 First, as I haven't been 'able' to update for a while because I was unable to access the server which would allow me to do so...I want to say 'Farewell' to George...and for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about...shame on you! (Ummm...duh! The Beatle!) Anyhoo, on to more upbeat reporting of my boring existence...Just for everyone's notification...THIS IS YOUR 3 DAY WARNING>>>MY BIRTHDAY IS ON THURSDAY!!!!! (Dec. 6) So I will be expecting all sorts of gracious comments, toys, gratuities, toys, condolences, oh and did I mention TOYS!! Now I just wanted to extend thanx to all that joined me for our little 'soiree' at the house on Saturday evening. A good time was had by all, beverages were consumed, people were inebriated...oh and thanx to Paul and Cythia for the bottle of wine and Paul for the stimulating story about 'snowshoeing with a one legged man'! Like I said we were drinking and Paul(www.paulfirlotte.com) is not the most 'sane' individual in the world!

November 2001
11/27/01 Ok, yes sometimes I can be a complete dufus...I just realized today, the 27th of Nov. that I haven't changed the heading at the top of the page from October to November...geezuz! So as you can see, yes, it has been one of 'those' months!!.
11/21/01 Right on! We made it one tenth of the way to 2000 hits...only nine hundred to go! Didn't get to score my new speakers this weekend, not enough fundage and my friend Paul is starting to hint that he wants his back. Oh well, if I can make some money at this lousy job and maybe not eat for a week I'll have them! Anyway I'll keep you posted on that! Anyhoo...not much for me to rant about today other than the usual idiotic people that live in this city, and the french ignoramous's that attempt to operate motor vehicle's in this city that have absolutely no business doing so! But don't get me started...Ciao!
WOOO HOOOOO!! I GOT THEM!!! I got my 01/04/02 LIVE! tickets. I am very tired right now because I was in line at 6:45am this morning, but....FRONT ROW CENTER right by the ring! Don't worry, I hope to borrow a digital camera, so there will be a full color expose' come January 2000! Yay Me! :) Shout out to my buddy Todd who is creeping up on the big thirty, he turns 28 today. HAPPY B-DAY...let the festivities ensue! Bonne fete mon ami!
11/15/01 Well, the countdown begin's...only two more days and I get to stand in a crazy line-up for my 01/04/02 LIVE! tickets. I can think of better things that I'd rather do with my early Saturday morning (sleep) but it will be worth it come January! Well, hopefully I am going to be able to score my new Paradigm 'Titan' speakers this weekend...meaning I hope that the fundage is there...I'll keep you posted on future developements.
11/14/01 Ok...who ordered the freakin' snow!?!? People your supposed to inform me of these things!
11/13/01 Well, here we are again another miserable day that I am working a 12 hour shift and it is frigid outside and I'm getting cranky! One bright point...found out this week that WWF 01/04/02 LIVE! is coming back to Moncton in January (01/04/02)! Tickets go on sale Saturday morning...hope it's not a lot of crazed lunatics camped out on Friday getting the best ringside seats...did I mention I bought a new sleeping bag...just kidding.
11/07/01 WOOO HOOOOO!! 1000 HITS !!! Thanx to all who have helped me get to 1000! Now we start working on 2000! Remember: Please sign the guestbook!
Only 10 more hits and I've hit 1000! Keep them coming! Ahhh...Tuesday, another long twelve hour shift day...yay me! (Sarcasm) To top it off, it is a miserable, cold, nasty, bitch of a day outside and it is raining like a bastard! 'They', whomever the hell 'they' are, say we need it...something about dry weather/ water shortage nonsense. I've yet to determine whether this is true or just some idiots idea of trying to make us feel better! The only good goddamn thing about rain...is I don't have to shovel it!
11/05/01 Wait a minute!...What the hell happened to the weekend? ummm...did someone plan to shorten it and forget to inform me? Monday, already? yeesh. Want to give a shout out to the guys at Meineke on Acadia avenue in Dieppe for being soooo kind to me when it came to 'Safety Inspection' time...gents, gracias!

October 2001
10/29/01 Well, here we are again...Monday...the super most miserable day of the week! On a good note Saturday night went well...much al-kee-hawl was consumed, body parts were pinched, propositions were made, and at some point in the night fisticuffs ensued, the authorities got involved and one person was incarcerated (no not yours truly)...so in other words...a good time was had by all! :) (Note: Only 43 more hits before 1000!)
10/26/01 Well, what can I say today besides this... thank god this miserable excuse for a week is over! But that's ok..it's Friday..I'm off to the Rodeo tonight to consume beacoup de adult beverages! MMMMMMMMMM BEEER!
10/19/01 Not much to report today just want to wish HAPPY BIRDAY! :) to my sister Maegan (Oct. 18) and to my Aunt Sue (Oct. 19). These two old ladies (for fear of my life I am not stating any ages) are supposedly another year older and another year wiser...the jury is still out on the wiser part :) !
10/16/01 I just have one thing to say...Buckley's ROCK'S!! You know that stuff that the commercial says "It taste's bad...but it works", well...it does! The next time your suffering from a head cold, don't bother with all of that other over merchandised crap that costs an exorbitant amount of money and last ohhhh, 5 minutes. Buckley's...I still have a bit of a sniffle...but 'that' I can deal with...at least I don't feel like someone took an industrial air compressor and crammed a whole bunch of sh!t in my ears and then stuff my head inside a fish bowl! Well, yes it does taste like the worst thing you can possibly imagine...but hell if it ends the misery... Anyhoo, that's my public service announcement for today! :)
10/10/01 All right that's it I've had it! Someone decided to tell my immune sytem that it was time to shut down without notifying me. I hate it when I don't get those 'inter-body' memo's! Goddammit, stuffed nose, sore throat, dry cough...uuuuugh! The only good thing about this is...DRUGS! :)
10/09/01 Well, I shouldn't have gotten that excited about the long weekend...it was two days that went by in what seemed like two seconds, Tuesday...a.k.a. First Day of another crappy week is upon us way too fast. The plus of the weekend was I got two Thanksgiving dinner's...one at my girlfriends' Mom's and one at my God son's parents house...yay me! I signed up for an Online HTML Course so if you start to see this site change drastically it's because I'm actually teaching myself how to do this crap...anyhoo...toodles! :)
10/05/01 Woo HOO! A LOOOOONG Weekend! Nuff Said!
10/03/01 Well, what do I have that is interesting today other than...I still hate my job...my paycheck sucks...life's a bitch...and I figured out how to make COLORS! I'm into the HTML coding and I'll tell you when your teaching your self this crap...trust me it ain't easy! But I did learn how to make COLORS! Stay tuned for more to come...and for anyone that has visited and hasn't signed the guestbook...
10/02/01 Well, it's Tuesday...a day that is almost as bad as Monday and not quite as good as Wednesday. Well...been doing a little more coding work and placed a real time clock on the site as you can see above! :) I'll blurb in some more when I get out of my coding mood...Stay tuned I'm sure there is more coming!
10/01/01 Well, here we are Monday once more and I'm back at work...woo hoo. It was a pretty uneventful weekend for yours truly, thus I don't have much to babble about here...so I guess I'll just...babble. I've decided that I want to attempt to extend my brain capacity a little further and maybe take some sort of computer course...hell, you never know I might be good at it, I took one look through a "JAVA 2" book yesterday at Chapter's and learned how to UNDERLINE by writing in the proper code. So henceforth be prepared for plenty of said underline type stuff to begin appearing! Stay Tuned for more! :)

September 2001
09/25/01 Tuesdays are almost as miserable as Mondays...your still not far enough into the week to say that it's almost over...your close enough to the beginning of the week to realize that it just started...your halfway in between the beginning of the week and the middle of the week so you can't even claim 'hump day' status...there is absolutely no benefit to this day whatsoever other than it is the day before Wednesday which will allow us to declare our free world rights after democratically voting for it that's it's hump day...hell, let's just abolish Tuesday all together and get rid of it...wipe it off the map...BOOM! Hump Day...damn! Still Tuesday...:( (I apologize for this insanity...I need sleep and I'm working a twelve hour shift today...hey this might be classified as my first RANT...Paul would be so proud)
09/22/01 Well, the week is finally over! We are off to the VooDoo tonight to consume a few adult beverages...yay! Anyone wanting to join us and know the pertinent contact information to reach me...drop me a note. Anyone who doesn't have a clue what Voodoo is it's a Nightclub and you can see a picture of it on the city page. Anyhoo...have a good weekend all...and may we all survive the festivities to make it to Monday! :)
09/18/01 Wow...700 hit's...I'm almost to a thousand...incredible! Wow, it's only Tuesday...can this week drag any more? Maybe it's because I hate my job...who knows...no let me rephrase that, I hate my paycheck...and some of the 'circumstances' of my job. Anyway, anyone out there know of anyone willing to hire someone that has only taken one four day unpaid vacation and called in sick once in 2.5 YEARS let me know...looking for the 28-35K per year range, with a little benefits, a couple weeks vacation...you know not much...not luxury but...not starving...I don't care if it's digging ditches in January if it gets me out of here...uuuuggh! I'm done venting now! Have a good day and if anyone is hiring in my area...e-mail me, write, call, scream, send smoke signals...just let me know!!!
09/15/01 I stand here and stare at my computer not knowing quite what to say...after what happened Tuesday, it all seems so trivial. Stunning as all that was...life goes on...and for those of us fortunate enough not to be there on that sad day (I've been to the WTC) we count our blessing and hopefully try a little harder to get along with our fellow man. Peace to all!
09/04/01 Well, another long weekend come and gone, Labour Day...hmmm, isn't it funny that on "Labour Day" that we end up 'labouring' more than we would on a regular day!? Yesterday the girlfriend decided, after we had worked out that morning starting our new 'Body for Life' exercise program...that it was time to rearrange the furniture! Now, everyone KNOWS that it's not the person that 'decides' to move the furniture that ACTUALLY 'moves' it. So after spending the day fighting with furniture...and sometimes my girfriend, the bedroom is totally 'about-faced', and she says: "Now...what about the living room"? NOOOOOO!!!

August 2001
08/30/01 Woo Hoo! I'm over 600 hits...I'm on my way to a thousand! Sorry I haven't updated lately, I was on vacation last weekend for four days...wow that was nice...first vacation in 2 1/2 YEARS! I've only called in sick once in that time too...I'm so dedicated (greedy) I love my job sooo much (paycheck)! Great time we had, we went to Halifax, N.S. (about 3hrs from Moncton, I made it in 2.5) Friday went to a great little blues bar and watched a blues band (Glamour Puss) and ate some great ribs for supper. Saturday, we spent the day on the waterfront shopping and doing the tourist thing, got our portrait's (charcoal) drawn by a guy in half an hour...fantastic job...nailed us to a tee! Saturday night went to the 'Dome'...all you local's will understand...Sunday we went to the Public Gardens...17 acres of beauty right in the city...fountain's, flowers, a pond...really beautiful! We also went to Peggy's Cove...more tourist crap and visited the memorial site of Swissair Flight 111 that crashed nearby...very sad...paid our repects and moved on. Sunday night went to the Imax and saw "Cyberworld 3D"(No Imax in Moncton yet). Monday more shopping on the water front..then...unfortunately...back home!:( Thanx for stopping by everyone...don't forget to sign the guestbook!!!!!! :) Drop by frequently...let's get me to 1000 Hit's!!!


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